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We offer acute stress evaluations related to employment, and return to work evaluations.

  1. General Therapy


We offer Therapy and Counseling for:



Couples and Couples’ Initiatives

DUI Counseling

Anxiety/Depression management (Thurs. 9 am)*

*Anxiety and depression management groups are available for children, teens, and adults.  Groups meet every other Thursday at 9am. Registration is required.  The fee is $200 per month. 

The first step in learning to manage your anxiety and or depression, is to inform yourself with the facts. Our anxiety and depression management group was designed to help you achieve the following objectives to manage these problematic symptoms:

1) Improve understanding of anxiety and depression with Anxiety 101 and Depression 101.

2) Learn how anxiety and depression affect you physically

3) Understand the behaviors associated with anxiety and depression

4) Understand how anxiety and depression impact your thinking

5) Create a MAP to manage anxiety

6) Create a MDP to manage depression

Once symptoms are well controlled, you will develop maintenance strategies to prevent reoccurring symptoms from impairing functioning.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

— Dan Millman


2. Assessments


We provide:

Psychological Evaluations

Mental Health Assessments

Employee Screenings

Evaluations for disability


3. Specialized Services


We offer:

School Based Mental Health Program

Workshops and Seminars

Couple’s Intensives and Retreats

Relationships 101

Life Coaching

Corporate Team Building