Healthy relationships don’t usually just happen.

Healthy relationships don’t usually just happen.


Relationships  take attention, effort, and work.  But we don't take a class to teach us how to build successful personal and professional relationship: now you can.  In collaboration with the Funtastics' Impossible Mission, we offer team building events.  

Are you looking to foster a more cooperative relationship between your employees, students, team or ministry leaders?  Do you want to develop a stronger and closer relationship with your significant other or family?

Your relationship doesn't need to be in trouble to benefit from our challenging and fun relationship and team building events.  

Work on strengthening and improving the quality of your professional and personal relationships with several activities designed to teach relationships skills that promote cooperation, understanding, trust, and respect. 

We offer team building events designed for companies, churches, teams, couples, and families. 


Our fun teambuilding events include:

Escape Trailer:  Trapped In A Trailer

Mobile Missions:  Car Of The Year

                           I Robot

Follow the link below for full descriptions of team building events.

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Learn these relationship skills:

*Developing trust *Displaying respect

*Effective communication *Allowing honesty

*Reading body language *Fighting fair

*Improve emotional intelligence *Conflict resolution

*Appreciation *Problem solving


Pricing: Team building events are priced per person and can't be billed to insurance companies.

Please call the office to set up consultation and hear about available dates